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If you are among those active users who use Instagram every day, you have definitely drafted some posts on Instagram before.

Instagram drafts are saved on your device and can make your job much easier. For example, you can save drafts and post them at the best time on Instagram. Or, you can save your Instagram drafts and come back to them later when you have more time to edit them or write more engaging captions for them.

Therefore, it is a great feature that will provide you with more time to better manage and schedule your Instagram stories and posts. However, some users find the process quite confusing.

If you also don’t know how to delete or save drafts on Instagram, don’t panic! Here, we will teach you how to find, save, and delete Instagram drafts without a hitch.

So, let’s get started.

How to Save Instagram Drafts With a Personal Account

If you have a personal account, saving drafts on Instagram is not complicated for you. All you have to do is to follow the steps:

  • Tap the + button in the bottom center of your IG feed.
  • Choose the image or video you would like to post.
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  • Now, you can edit it or choose the filter you would like to apply.
  • Next, write an engaging IG caption and use the top Instagram hashtags. Then, tap the “<” (back arrowhead) on the top left corner of the page.
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  • Press on the back arrowhead once more.
  • Here, Instagram will give you two options to choose from; discard or save as a draft.
Instagram Drafts: How to Save and Delete Drafts on Instagram 2023? - Social Pros (3)
  • Save the draft and you’re done!

Saving Instagram drafts isn’t so hard now, right? It is usually as straightforward as that. If you have any questions about where to find drafts on Instagram, we will answer them in the following sections. But as long as we are on the topic of saving Instagram drafts, let me tell you that there’s a catch.

If you’re posting an image, you need to edit, apply Instagram filters, or at least have a caption before you can save the post as a draft. And, if you’re posting a video, make sure you have applied an Instagram filter, otherwise, the ‘Save draft’ option will not appear.

So, what can you do if you want to post a long video on IG without adding any Instagram filters? At this point, you have no choice but to use a reliable third-party app. So, don’t worry!

AiSchedul is the best solution we recommend to you. Using this excellent platform, you can schedule and repost IG posts. Moreover, it allows you to post YouTube videos to Instagram. So, what are you waiting for?!
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How to Save Instagram Drafts With a Business Account

Luckily, Instagram users with business accounts can also save drafts on Instagram using the official app. However, there are some changes in the process of saving as a draft. Previously, all users just had to upload their photos and videos, edit them, write captions, and then go back to the first step to access the ‘Draft’ feature.

But now users have to use Instagram insights following these steps:

  1. Open your Instagram profile, go to ‘Instagram insights,’ and scroll down until you see ‘Create Post.’
Instagram Drafts: How to Save and Delete Drafts on Instagram 2023? - Social Pros (4)

2. After uploading the intended photo, writing an aesthetic caption, tagging people, and applying all the other settings, tap on the arrow on the top left corner of the screen twice.

3. Now, you see a pop-up on your screen allowing you to discard all the changes or save your post as an Instagram draft.

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That’s all! This is how you can exactly save Instagram drafts using a business account. If you have any questions about how to access drafts on Instagram, keep reading to find out.

How to Find Drafts on Instagram

‘I’ve saved my drafts, but where are my Instagram drafts now?’ you keep asking. So, let’s address your questions about how to find drafts on Instagram!

It is a challenging process, but not impossible. Learning how to find your drafts on Instagram depends on whether you’re using an IG business profile or a personal account.

If you’re running a business account, you have to use Instagram insights. Just as mentioned in the previous section, open Instagram insights and go to the ‘create post’ section.

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So if you are asking ‘where are my drafts on Instagram?’ You’ll see them right above the photos in your gallery.

If it’s a personal page, go through these steps:

  • Press the ‘+’ icon located in the bottom center of your feed.
  • Now, there are two sections available; one is ‘Gallery’ where you can choose a new image and the other is ‘Drafts.’
  • Tap ‘Drafts’ and a list of all the images and videos you have drafted will appear.
Instagram Drafts: How to Save and Delete Drafts on Instagram 2023? - Social Pros (7)

Here, if you press the arrow on the top right corner, you can see and edit your caption for one last time before you post.

Now that you know how to see drafts on Instagram and edit them, let’s move on to the next common question.

How to Delete Drafts on Instagram

After drafting a post, you may realize that a certain image or video won’t make an engaging Instagram post. Or you might suddenly notice that you have made a mistake or that the post won’t attract your IG target audience. So, what can you do now? Is it too late to go back? Of course not! If you know how to delete drafts on Instagram, you can avoid further problems.

To discard or delete your Instagram drafts with a business account, go to the create post section as mentioned previously. Right next to the drafts, you see a ‘Manage’ button. By tapping on that button, you can simply discard your drafted posts one by one. You could also choose multiple drafts to delete.

Instagram Drafts: How to Save and Delete Drafts on Instagram 2023? - Social Pros (8)

That’s it! Having a business account, everything seems to be as easy as a pie.
Deleting Instagram drafts with a personal page is pretty much the same. Yet, to be on the safe side, let’s go through the process step by step:

  • First, tap on the ‘+’ icon.
  • Then, choose ‘Drafts.’
  • Above your list of drafted images and videos, you can see a ‘Manage’ button on the right.
Instagram Drafts: How to Save and Delete Drafts on Instagram 2023? - Social Pros (9)
  • Now, press ‘Manage’ and then the pen icon on the top right side of the screen.
  • At this point, you can choose any number of items you would like to discard.
Instagram Drafts: How to Save and Delete Drafts on Instagram 2023? - Social Pros (10)
  • Then choose the checkmark on the top right side of the page.
  • Once you confirm your request, you will see that all those Instagram drafts have disappeared.
Instagram Drafts: How to Save and Delete Drafts on Instagram 2023? - Social Pros (11)

AiSchedul: Save and Delete Instagram Drafts Easily

As we have already mentioned, saving Instagram drafts is possible only if you edit your posts or apply filters on IG. In other words, you can’t save your Instagram drafts if you don’t wish to edit your post on the Instagram app.

This limitation poses a problem, doesn’t it? You shouldn’t worry though. We have a tested and proven solution for you.

AiSchedul is an Instagram management service that will help you address almost all your marketing and personal issues while using Instagram. Using this professional marketing tool, you get to

  • Schedule and post your content automatically on the platform.
  • Find the best IG hashtags
  • Convert video content from YouTube or IGTV
  • Use AiSchedul as a powerful social media monitoring tool
  • Run effective Instagram contests and giveaways
  • Bulk delete Instagram posts

And more.

Instagram Drafts: How to Save and Delete Drafts on Instagram 2023? - Social Pros (12)

And more.

By the way, one of its best features is the Instagram scheduler, with which you can save your Instagram posts as a draft and manage them when needed. To save Instagram drafts using this platform, simply upload your content and save it for a later time.

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Then, whenever needed, you can open the drafts section and edit or schedule your Instagram posts for a later date.
Impressive, right?

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FAQs on Instagram Drafts

In this section, we will attempt to answer some of your frequently asked questions. If you are interested in learning more, continue reading.

1. How to Find Reel Drafts on Instagram?

If you wonder how to save Reels drafts to your Instagram account, go through the steps below:

1. On the reel you’re recording, tap Next.
2. Then, tap Save draft at the bottom.
To edit Reels drafts from your camera roll, proceed as follows:
1. Tap + at the bottom of your Instagram feed.
2. Select Reel.
3. Tap ☐ in the bottom left and select the video draft you wish to edit.
💥Tip: All drafts on Instagram, regardless of their type, are stored in the “Drafts” section. You can find Instagram drafts in the same place from where you upload posts, stories, or Reels. So, for posts or stories, it is next to the “Gallery” and the Reels drafts are beside your posted Reels.

2. How to Edit Drafts on Instagram?

You can edit your Instagram drafts this way:
1. Upon opening the photo from “Drafts,” tap on “Next.”
2. Tap on Edit under the image
3. Now, you will see the Filter page.

3. How Long Do Drafts Last on Instagram?

There is no lifespan for Instagram drafts. However, if you notice that some of your Instagram drafts disappear suddenly, Instagram glitches are most likely to blame. In this case, you can reach out to the Instagram help center for help.

Also, remember that Instagram drafts are saved in local storage rather than the app. So, when you clear the Instagram cache, you will lose all of your drafts. Additionally, when you uninstall or log out of the Instagram app, the drafts you have made will be deleted.

4. How to Recover Lost Drafts on Instagram?

It is impossible to recover Instagram drafts once they are gone. If you have the images saved to your gallery, you can create a new post or draft.

5. Can I Save Instagram Drafts on PC?

No. If you use Instagram on your computer, you cannot save drafts.

6. How to Create Instagram Story Drafts?

You can also save your Instagram stories as drafts within the app to publish them later. However, keep in mind that drafts of Instagram Stories will be deleted a week after you save them.
To save your Instagram Stories as drafts; follow these steps:

  • Go to your Instagram Stories and make a normal story
  • When you are ready to share it, press ✖
  • Then, a pop-up will appear that contains the option “Save Draft”
  • Press the button and your story will be saved as a draft. But remember that they will expire after seven days forever.

To bring back your Instagram story draft

  • Go to your Instagram Stories
  • Press ㅁ in the bottom corner of the page. Now, you have access to any Instagram story draft you’ve saved.

Conclusion on Instagram Drafts

To sum it up, you may need to save your Instagram posts as a draft to

  • Add more details later,
  • Post at the best time possible to maximize your engagement rate,
  • Or wait for your sponsor, partner, or colleague to approve the post before publishing.
  • In terms of content planning, Instagram drafts allow you to compare various versions of the same post side by side.
  • Instagram drafts can give you more time to research SEO keywords or find more viral hashtags for your Instagram posts.

Luckily, Instagram allows you to save Instagram drafts, provided you use IG filters or editing features. If you have no intention to use those, you need to use trustworthy platforms like AiSchedul. This platform is compatible with all operating systems which makes it even more convenient.

No matter what type of account you are running, we tried to cover the steps you must take to save, find, and delete drafts on Instagram. So, read the article carefully, and feel free to leave us a comment if there are any unanswered questions.

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