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How To Delete Direct Message (DM) On Instagram: Among the various unique features, Instagram has, the Direct Message (DM) feature sits comfortably with the most popular ones. With this feature, Instagram users can have their privacy by chatting with their friends — or creating a group chat. While the internet has a huge list of messaging platforms, many persons opt for using the instant messaging service of Instagram.

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Moreso, organizing a complete chat log of DMs wasn’t an intention behind what Instagram was designed to do. It doesn’t take time for your inbox to be filled with messages from friends and family, suspicious links from scammers and whatnot. So, you may already be asking yourself, “is there a way I can totally delete all the messages I’ve received at once?” The answer is YES, and we’ll show you just that in this article.

Ready? Let’s proceed.


  1. How To Delete Direct Message (DM) On Instagram
    • Delete Individual Messages
  2. Use AutoClicker To Delete All Your Instagram DMs
  3. Does Blocking Someone On Instagram Delete All Messages?
  4. Can You Delete All Messages At Once?
  5. Can I Delete Messages For Myself And The Other Person?
  6. Why Can’t I Delete A DM Message On Instagram?

How To Delete Direct Message (DM) On Instagram

In order to wipe out a whole conversation, follow the steps below:

1. At your home screen’s top-right corner, you’ll see an icon that looks like a paper airplane. Tap the icon.

2. The next thing would be to tap that particular conversion you intend to delete. Then, you either long-press it or drag it towards the left — to show the “Delete” option.

3. Tap Delete.

Once you’re done carrying out this process, you’ll no longer see those conversations from your end. The downside is that it doesn’t affect the other person as they’ll still be in possession of the whole conversation.

If what you want to delete is a specific conversation, you don’t need to go through the stress of searching the entire inbox of that person — just simply make use of the Search text field to locate the conversation quickly. The search bar also allows you to find a person’s chat by typing in that person’s name.

Delete Individual Messages

A couple of years ago, Instagram subtly released the Unsend feature. This feature allows all Instagram users to easily Unsend messages the receiver has not read. If you have not made use of the “Unsend Message” feature, this section shows a guide on how you can do it, too:

1. Open someone’s conversation with you.

2. Long-press that message you intend to Unsend.

3. Tap on “Unsend Message.”

This ensures that that particular message is deleted for you and also the recipient. It will end up looking like you never sent any message in the first place. If after you send someone a message, and you immediately regret sending that message, you can use the above guide to delete it before the recipient gets to read it.

It’s pretty unfortunate that Instagram doesn’t make it possible for you to, in bulk, delete individual messages — so to achieve such, you’d have to delete these messages one by one.

Use AutoClicker To Delete All Your Instagram DMs

AutoClicker is an Android app, a tool that allows you to automate swipes and taps — repeated swipes and taps — in whatever app on your Android or even your screen. Once you install this app and navigate through it, you’ll be blown away by the various things you can achieve. We will only look at using this app to delete your DMs on Instagram for this article.

1. Open your Instagram application.

2. Open the AutoClicker app you just downloaded.

3. You’ll see “Multi Targets Mode;” under that, tap “Enable.” This will give you numerous tapping points, with a delay between these taps.

4. Now, go to your Instagram app and head over to someone’s inbox in which you want to delete messages.

5. To create a swipe point, simply long-press the plus (+) symbol that’s in green colour. The swipe point displays a “1” inside a circle. Hold the swipe point and drag it to the very first conversation you have in your DMs.

6. Here, you’d have to move the second circle right inside the first one carefully. This is what you must do to instruct AutoClicker to tap and hold.

7. To have the settings pop up for this swipe, click on the circle. Set the swipe duration to 1000 milliseconds and “The delay time before do next click” to 1000 milliseconds.

8. In the Instagram app, long-press the first conversation in order to move the whole process along — so that space can be created for the next set of taps.

9. At this point, the context menu shows up. Click on the plus (+) icon to include a tap point, and carefully drag the tap point to the area of the context menu that reads “Delete.” There will be a 2 inside the circle — because this will be another tap point [tap point 2].

10. On the Instagram app, look for the delete line and tap it. This ensures the process is moved along again.

11. Again, tap the plus (+) icon to create tap point 3 and drag the tap point directly to the spot where it should be.

12. If you don’t want to get rid of the conversation at this particular point, tap “Cancel.”

13. You’ll see a gear icon; tap it. Then, insert a name for this tap script labelled configuration. After you have saved this script, you’ll be able to run the command repeatedly for hundreds or even thousands of iterations automatically. You don’t even need a human oversight for this to run perfectly.

14. Tap the “Run” button — the blue one — to start your script.

If you don’t want to use this app [AutoClicker] interface anymore, you can simply go to the app’s home screen to turn it off. Without a single doubt, AutoClicker is a powerful technology that comes with numerous features which allow you to do many things — aside from what we just showed you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Blocking Someone On Instagram Delete All Messages?

No. If you decide to get rid of someone on IG, then head over to their message thread — a “Delete” option will pop up. If you intend to delete messages, you’ll only have them deleted on your end. The messages you sent that user (before you blocked the user) will still be visible to him/her.

The only approach you can employ to remove messages from someone else’s account is using the “Unsend Messages” feature. Open the IG DMs, click on their message thread. After that, patiently long-tap each of the messages you have sent — then select “Unsend Message.” It solely depends on how determined you are to take out every one of the messages you have sent — because this is a time-consuming feature.

Can You Delete All Messages At Once?

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t provide a means for its users to delete all messages at once. There is no third-party app that lets you do this, as well. You’ll have to go through the stress of manually deleting every line of messages one by one. Also, there’s a way you can get rid of all conversations at once. This simply means that you’d need to employ the same “delete” process once per conversation — and not per message.

It’s still stressful to do, but you’ll see that it’s far better than doing it per one message.

Is There Any Third-party App One Can Use To Delete All Instagram Messages?

Yes. There’s a third-party app you can use to achieve that, and we disclosed the name in this article. It’s called “AutoClicker.” With this app, you can automate the process of deleting Instagram messages and keep at arm’s length the stress of doing it by yourself.

Can I Delete Messages For Myself And The Other Person?

Yes. You can delete messages sent to another person and have those messages deleted for both parties. You can successfully do this using the “Unsend Message” feature provided by Instagram. Let’s say you sent a message, and you immediately regret sending it — at this time, the “Unsend Message” feature would come in handy. All you have to do is, simply long-press the message you want to delete, and a list of options will pop up, and there you’ll have the “Unsend Message” option.

Why Can’t I Delete A DM Message On Instagram?

If you desire to ensure that a message is unsent on Instagram, simply tap and hold that particular message until it pops up a few options, including Unsend and Copy. Then, the next thing to do would be to tap on “Unsend.”

Final Thoughts

This article carries a couple of ways that can help you wipe out whatever mess you’ve sent in your Instagram DM inbox. While it would be super fantastic for Instagram to provide a feature that allows its users to mass select messages to delete at once, it does not seem like such a feature will be coming out anytime soon.

If you have successfully deleted a message in the past, share with us how you could do it in the comment section. Also, if you tried what we have shared and it worked for you, please let us know.

Thanks for reading.

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