How to delete a draft on Instagram? - Social Media Marketing | (2023)

Instagram has a tool called a draft that lets users save posts they’re working on. Although it might seem quite simple but this function is extremely helpful for Instagram photo editors who wish to preserve their modifications to publish later.

Users can save captions in the draft in along with the drafted posts. In this blog, we will see how to add and how to delete a draft on Instagram.

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The key advantage is that it does not require the use of another program in order to schedule or save posts.

One can use Instagram’s native app to upload and edit your photographs instead, and then post them when you’re finished. On Instagram, creating, locating, and deleting a draft is simple because it uses the same procedures as publishing a post.

Advantages of Instagram drafts

Before its debut in 2016, drafts were one of Instagram’s most requested features. Everyone wished they could write pieces ahead of time and publish them whenever they pleased.

Saving as a draft is quite helpful if you don’t want to invest money on a social media marketing platform. Additionally, the Instagram draft feature is extremely helpful for users who manage several accounts or have a limited amount of time to share posts, particularly for those who must publish posts for various reasons at the same time.

If you want to do Instagram posts well, it takes time to prepare. You want to add or change a filter, tag a place or a person, make a clever caption, or tag a place or a person. Instagram drafts prevent you from this since if you’re pressed for time, you might not have the opportunity to complete everything, even if you’re scheduled to share a post at that same moment.

How to create a draft post on instagram?

When using this draft feature, one thing you should always keep in mind is that the post you save as a draft will always be saved to your device only. Even if you sign into your account, you won’t be able to access a stored draft from another device. Your drafts will be lost if you uninstall the app. You can share a post that has been saved as a draft in the same manner that you would a brand-new post. Posts that you don’t want to share can also be deleted. For instructions on how to save a post as a draft, see below:-

1. To shoot or upload a photo or video, tap the + (plus) icon.

2. Add a caption, effects, filters, or your location.

3. Tap the back arrow in the top left to return to the filtering and editing phase.

4. Click Save Draft on the screen’s bottom.

Note- You cannot save a post as a draft if you don’t change individual tag, or add a caption or location.

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How to access a draft post on instagram?

Follow the below mentioned steps to access your previously saved draft posts:-

1. Press the Plus button at the top of the page on your home screen.

2. Press Post.

3. Select “Gallery” and then tap Drafts.

4. Then, click “Next” to begin writing your caption, tags, and other details.

There, you may select which draft you want to work on.

How to delete a draft on Instagram?

Follow the below mentioned steps to delete your previously saved draft posts:-

1. Press the Plus button at the top of the page on your home screen.

2. Press Post.

3. Select “Gallery” and then tap Drafts.

4. Choose Manage and then Edit there.

5. Select the draft you want to throw away.

6. Tap Done, followed by Discard posts, to confirm.

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Things you need to know about Instagram draft

This function was added to Instagram at the end of 2016. Users can save an edited photo during the posting process at any moment by using the Instagram draft feature. This feature is easy to use and quite helpful.

To learn everything there is to know about Instagram drafts, keep reading.

Simply, Instagram drafts allow you to keep unfinished posts as drafts so you may finish them later and share them or save finished posts so you can publish them later. Although the Instagram drafts feature has garnered a lot of praise since its announcement, many users are still unaware that it even exists. Similarly to this, some people write the post in advance and reserve it for when they have more ideas brewing in their minds before posting them. They can amend the post to add more before publishing it, making it more interesting.

Instagram drafts may be quite helpful, especially for small businesses, if you utilize them to promote a brand or business or operate a business. If you have a half-hour time limit, you can create many Instagram posts in advance, store them as drafts, and publish them when you’re ready. This is also incredibly useful for special occasions, project releases, or other times when you want to promote something but won’t have the time to do so at the moment.

Wrapping It Up

For casual users who might be too busy to share posts right now, this option is useful. It’s particularly helpful on days when a lot happens because the feature gives you the choice of which image to publish later. We are all aware that posting 20 Instagram photos at once is bad manners. Instead, this function gives you some discretion to select the posts that are most appropriate for your feed. Drafts are a straightforward in-app tool that, more crucially, offers the chance for consistency. Keep things easy by using Instagram’s built-in capabilities rather than going through the trouble of locating a feed planning tool and scheduling posts.

Utilizing in-app features to their fullest extent can perhaps boost interaction while lowering marketing expenses and guaranteeing active IG feeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long a draft of an Instagram post may exist?

There is no time limit on how long a post can stay in your Instagram drafts because Instagram won’t delete any of your drafts from your device. It will remain on your device indefinitely unless you choose to delete it.

2. Can you lose saved posts that you have in drafts?

Not entirely, but you can. All your saved posts in drafts will be lost if you remove the Instagram app or log out because it’s your device that saves all your drafts from your Instagram profile.

4. Why does my draft post disappear automatically?

Unfortunately, if you do certain things, your Instagram drafts won’t always be there. For instance, your drafts will be deleted if you log out of the Instagram app. In addition, they will vanish if you uninstall the app. Be prepared to lose your drafts before making any adjustments to the Instagram app.

5. Can someone else see my saved drafts on Instagram?

Nobody will ever be able to see your drafts. Your drafts are kept private and only accessible to you until they are published.

6. Can you save a story as an Instagram draft?

Simply tap “Save draft” to save a draft of an unpublished story and upload it at a later time. Keep in mind that after seven days, Instagram story drafts are permanently erased. The app also displays how many days it will be before you can view your saved drafts again.

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How to delete a draft on Instagram? - Social Media Marketing | (4)

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