Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Not Showing/Missing Windows 11/10 (2023)

Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Not Showing/Missing Windows 11/10 (1)

NVIDIA Control Panel not showing is reported by many NVIDIA Graphics Card users as the NVIDIA Control Panel is missing from the desktop context menu, desktop, start menu and Windows control panel.

So in this tutorial follow the step-by-step instructions to troubleshooting the Nvidia control panel missing or not showing the problem.

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This is very terrible and mainly occurs after installing the latest Windows update, or when the graphics card drivers go missing or get corrupted.

However, there might be other reasons as well, so here in this guide, we are here with the list of potential fixes that worked for many users’ NVidia control panel missing problems.

But before heading straight to the fixes it is important to understand what is causing the problem as this helps you to identify the main reason and fix the problem quickly.

Why is My NVIDIA Control Panel Not Showing on Windows 11 & 10?

  • Recently Installed Windows Update: In most cases, this issue is seen after installing the latest Windows update. It happens because the recent updates might have made some changes to your graphics settings on your computer. And updating the Control panel works for them to solve the problem.
  • Graphics Driver Issues: Running the old, outdated, or corrupted graphics driver on your system can also result in the Nvidia control panel not showing up the problem. Try updating the graphics drivers or reinstalling them.
  • Overclocking GPU: Due to any reason if your GPU is overclocked, then also it will affect the features of the NVIDIA Control Panel and many cause the problem. So removing the overclocking software or disabling overclocking may work in your case.
  • Corrupted NVIDIA Control Panel: If your NVIDIA Control Panel is corrupted or damaged then this leads to the problem. In this installing the Nvidia Control panel App from the Microsoft store works for you.

Now as you are well aware of the various culprits, it is time to start following the solutions given one by one to get back the missing Nvidia Control Panel.

How Do I Fix “NVIDIA Control Panel Not Showing” Windows 11& 10?

Table of Contents

Solution 1 – Restart NVIDIA Service

Corrupted or damaged NVIDIA service is another possible reason behind getting this issue. However, you can bring the NVIDIA service back to normal working conditions by restarting the service.

You can restart the NVIDIA related services by following these below-given instructions:

  • PressWindows + Rkeys to open theRundialogue box.
  • Typeservices.mscon the Run text box and press the Enter key.

  • On the Services window, right-click on the NVIDIA service.
  • Select the Restart option from the context menu.

  • Or, if the service has stopped working, then select Start from the list.

Hope this works for you to solve the problem but if nothing happens then try the next solution.

Solution 2 – Unhide NVIDIA Control Panel

If you started getting the NVIDIA control panel missing after updating the PC to its latest build, then the possibility is the new Windows update might have changed the graphics settings on your PC. In this situation, the NVIDIA Control Panel will get disappeared or be hidden.

Here, to fix the problem, you need to unhide the NVIDIA control panel. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Press the Windows + Skeys and type the control panel in the search box.
  • Selectthe Control Panelfrom the list.

  • On theControl Panelwindow, click on theView byand select theLarge iconsoption.
  • Next, click on theNVIDIA Control Panel.

  • Now, go to theDesktoptab > select Add Desktop Context Menu.

  • Lastly, right-click anywhere on the desktop and check if you can see theNVIDIA Control Panelor not.

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Solution 3 – Try Launching NVIDIA Control Panel Manually

If still, you can’t find the missing NVIDIA Control Panel on your system. Then here it is suggested to launch the NVIDIA Control Panel manually.

This worked for many users to solve the problem so here it is suggested to follow the steps given one by one:

  • Click on the My Computer folder and go to the C Drive folder.
  • Now locate the Program Files folder and in the Program Files folder you might see the NVIDIA Corporation folder
  • But if you can’t see the NVIDIA Corporations folder here then locate it in the Program Files (x86) folder and as you are in the NVIDIA Corporation folder > open Control Panel Client and search for nvcplui

Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Not Showing/Missing Windows 11/10 (8)

  • Next right click on the nvcplui file, and choose Run as administrator

Moreover, you can also create the NVIDIA Control Panel shortcut on the desktop by right-clicking on the nvcplui menu. Hope this trick works for you to solve the problem.

Solution 4 – Try Installing Nvidia Control Panel App from the Microsoft Store

You can install the Nvidia Control Panel App manually from the Microsoft Store to solve the NVidia control panel not showing or missing problem.

Here follow the instructions given:

  • Press Windows + I to open Settings
  • Click on Apps and then click on Apps & Features.

Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Not Showing/Missing Windows 11/10 (9)

Solution 5 – Update Graphics Driver

The next potential reason for getting the NVIDIA Control Panel missing option on Windows 10/11 issue is running the outdated version of the graphics card driver. If the same case with you, then updating the graphics driver can fix Nvidia driver issues.

  • Pressthe Windows + Xkeys together.
  • Click on the Device Manager.

  • On theDevice Managerwindow, click on theDisplay Adapters.
  • Right-click on theNVIDIA driverand select the Update driveroption from the context menu.

  • On the next window, select theSearch automatically for the updated driver software option.

  • Now, Windows will automatically search for the latest version of the device driver and will install it on your PC.

Moreover, you can also update the graphics card drivers easily using the automatic Driver Updater Tool, this updates the entire system driver by scanning the device automatically

Get Driver Updater Tool, to update the GPU drivers automatically

Solution 6 – Reinstall NVIDIA Driver

The NVIDIA control panel not opening an issue may also occur if your NVIDIA driver is incompatible with your Windows 10 PC. You can uninstall and reinstall the driver to resolve this issue.

  • PressWindows + Rkeys > typedevmgmt.mscin theRunwindow > click on theOKbutton.

  • On theDevice Managerwindow, click on the Display adapters to expand the section.
  • Right-click on the NVIDIA driver and select Uninstall device.

  • Once the uninstallation is done, restart your computer.

Solution 7 – Don’t Overclock GPU

Overclocking the GPU can cause various issues with Windows 10 system. For those who don’t know, Overclocking is a process through which users can change the frequency and speed of the CPU by setting the high value above the default value.

So, using this method you can significantly enhance the PC’s performance. However, there have been cases where doing this has led to several issues. And, this could also cause the NVIDIA control panel missing an error on Windows 10.

Check if you are using any third-party software to overclock your GPU then uninstall it. Moreover, you can also disable the overclock settings.

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So, as you see the NVIDIA control panel not showing an error can easily be resolved. All you need to do is, follow the above-listed solutions and see which one of these works out for you.

I hope these simple and quick fixes help you to resolve the issue on your computer and you can now see the control panel of NVIDIA on your desktop context menu.

However, if you are still not able to fix the error, then you can contact us on Facebook or Twitter for further guidance or help.

Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Not Showing/Missing Windows 11/10 (15)

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